The idea for the Food Truck KombiNando was born from the creative minds of Margherita Mastrone and Angela Morero, both owners of the adverising agency Temporary Box, based in Rome.
In 2011 we partecipated in the public competition “Creativity – Third Edition” announced by Rome Province administration, and won! We were finally able to turn a Volkswagen van into a Food Truck committing our work and hearts to the fantastic world of Street Food. This is our big adventure began!

Many ask us what the name KombiNando means.
Let’s find out together:
Kombi is one of the official name of the vintage van introduced in 1950 by the Volkswagen.
Nando is the chosen name of our beloved truck.
In italian “combinare” means putting two things together harmoniously; but ”combinando” also means “what are you doing?” And our answer is: we’re combining two fundamental things together with armony: communication and business.

Therefore, that’s why KombiNando is the official name of our passion and job.